Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston

Mila Makovec recovered from fatal brain disease: The New England Journal of Medicine published on 9th October a new report on personalized medicine, which could bring life to more than 1.4 child patients. It is about the tailor-made genetic treatment given to six-year ole Mila suffering from Batten disease.

It is an orphan neurological disease that causes shrinking of the brain and could kill the children in their late childhood or during their early teens. This new report paves the way for more customized treatments for children with fatal brain diseases.

Mila Miracle Foundation:

Mila Makovec’s mother, Julia Viaterell, wrote how healthy she was in her Mila’s Miracle Foundation website. But everything started to change for Mila Makovec from her age of 3.

By the time it was found that she had Battan disease, she was unable to see and to walk without help. But with her mother, Julia and Dr. Timothy Yu of the Boston Children’s hospital developed tailor-made treatment within a year.

After injecting the medicine via the spinal cord of Mila Makovec for nearly twenty months now, there is a significant improvement of her condition confirms the report. Also, it affirms that Mila became the first patient with successful tailor-made treatment in the world.

Every brain affected child is not gifted as Mila Makovec: Mila’s miracle of responding positively to tailor-made treatments costs millions. Only by the support of her mother’s Mila Miracle Foundation, Boston Children Hospital, and funding from other foundations helped Mila get her medicine.

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But due to its high costs in millions, the additional 1.4 million children who are affected by such fatal brain diseases are not so lucky as Mila Makovec.

Only proper steps by governments could enable all these unlucky children could get the Mila miracle to happen to save their sufferings and life also.

Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston