Nevada Zombie Deer
America's Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention warns the hunters and human beings about the spread of deadly disease of deer known as 'Chronic Wasting Disease'

‘Zombie Deer’-Nevada CDC Warns Hunters and Humans

America’s Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention warns “Nevada Zombie Deer” the hunters and human beings about the spread of deadly disease of deer known as ‘Chronic Wasting Disease’.

 Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Facts: The chronic wasting disease affecting deer is a transmittable infection similar to the cattle’s mad cow disease. The chronic wasting disease affects the Central nervous system(Brain) and Spinal cord system of the deer.

The bizarre truth about CWD is causing by a protein element called Prions. Zombie deer disease spreads through saliva, fluids, genes, and blood to other animals. 

“Nevada Zombie Deer” The symptoms of Deadly Prion disease include:

  • Excess drinking of water
  • Excess urination
  • Disparities in Walking movements
  • Ataxia
  • Losing Weight
  • Aggressive behavior.

The Grazing Dead, Nevada Zombie Deer: 

Nevada wildlife department is working to keep the silver state out of Zombie deer disease. The state warns hunters to be careful while handling the corpse deer.

The CWD affected animals exhibit a lack of fear and excessive aggression; So the humans are advised to be out of the deadly transmitter prions by the Wildlife of Nevada. 

Nevada’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention department found Chronic wasting disease in 24 states affecting most of the deer family, including cervids, elk, and moose.


The Nevada Department of wildlife is monitoring the cases in other states to control Nevada Zombie Deer disease. “This contagious neurological disorder affected a higher percentage of deer in the Nevada State posing a threat to survival “, says Peregrine Wolf, Department of Wildlife Health Specialist.

Doug Neilson, Department of Wildlife, tells that “Nearly half the state deers are affected by Chronic Wasting disease and control measures are in process to set Nevada CWD free”.

Is CWD Dangerous to Human? 

The possibility of Chronic Wasting Disease to humans is high; The CDC warns people to avoid eating the meat of the deer family. The prions deer’s meat poses a high risk of migration through genes to humans. 

However, there is no documentation of human chronic wasting infection presently; The state is taking precautions for maintaining the same ahead. The Nevada Zombie Deer behavior of the disease is life-threatening. 

The wasting disease incubates 15 months, and the symptoms take more than a year to recognize in the affected being. The state recommends proper protection and sampling test of the corpse to the hunters handling it to reduce the risk of transmission.