New Revolutionary Tool To Lose Weight Safely Without Surgery

New Revolutionary Tool To Lose Weight Safely Without Surgery

Obesity has remained a major health concern, particularly for the Western Nations. A plethora of methods have been tried, but most of them provided little or no relief.

A team of interventional radiologists has developed a treatment that promises to deliver sustained weight loss even in people suffering from severe obesity. This revolutionary development is expected to help millions of people achieve their weight loss and health goals. Further, the researchers add that the treatment is safe and minimally invasive and could be a viable alternative to losing weight through surgical treatments.

BEAT obesity or Bariatric Embolization of arteries for treatment of obesity is a pilot clinical trial for evaluating effectiveness and safety of BAE or bariatric arterial embolization as an image-guided and minimally invasive option for who are struggling to lose those unwanted pounds.

According to Clifford Weiss from the School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, early results demonstrates that BAE may be effective in helping obese people lose weight significantly over the short as well as an intermediate term. He added further that BAE in comparison to a surgical gastric bypass was significantly less invasive and the recovery time was also shorter.

A specific part of the stomach known as the fundus is targeted by BAE. This part is responsible for producing most of the hunger hormone in the body which is known as ghrelin. Only interventional radiologists can perform the BAE procedure, and they employ image guidance in association with catheters for accessing specific blood vessels leading to the particular portion of the patient s stomach via a small nick in the wrist or groin. After establishing the access, the physician injects tiny (microscopic) beads for decreasing the flow of blood to the particular part of the stomach to achieve suppression of some of the hunger signals that body sends out. Consequently, the appetite is reduced and thereby helps in achieving weight loss.

Weiss also stressed that the research in this direction is still in its nascent stages. While the safety of the procedure has been established, determining the efficacy of the treatment and its durability over a period of time needs further clinical trials involving a larger number of patients.

New Revolutionary Tool To Lose Weight Safely Without Surgery

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