New York to open medical marijuana dispensaries

New York to open medical marijuana dispensaries

New York is all set to officially embark on its medical marijuana journey. On Thursday, it will launch marijuana as a form of medical treatment. This will make it the 23rd US state to do so.

Law permits five companies to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes in the state, but only Bloomfield Industries has initiated headquarters in New York City.

The licenses were not obtained officially by Bloomfield and other set ups until late July whereas the New York state assembly had passed the marijuana legislation 18 months ago.

About 20 dispensaries are scheduled to eventually open across the state, but the roll out will be slow. It was not before December 23 that patients were allowed to start registering for treatment.

Other places to grow the drug legally are Denver, Colorado and San Francisco. New York is however, the first set up as a major US city with a population of more than one million to grow medical marijuana. Production outlets have been initiated by Bloomfield s competitors in cheaper and more discreet locations in the north of New York state.

The premises do not look promising at all and a barely noticeable warehouse in an industrial zone of Queens that has scruffy walls, boarded up windows and an entrance that is obstructed in part by concrete slabs. Other warehouses surround the building and no guard can be seen outside the building. It is home to 23,000 square meter plant dedicated to growing marijuana.

An AFP statement quoted a source stating that the company states it will put its best team forward with the best horticulturalists, the best scientists, the best pharmacists, the best researchers in order to put the facility where the headquarters are, in New York City.

Only patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or certain forms of epilepsy are eligible. Cannabis will not be available to smoke but it will have to be taken as a pill or oil.

AFP states that the cost of treatment is understood to start at around $200 a month per patient.

New York to open medical marijuana dispensaries