Study: UN Finds Genital Mutilation Suffered by More Woman Than Thought

Study: UN Finds Genital Mutilation Suffered by More Woman Than Thought

Over 200 million women and girls have suffered genital mutilation around the world, which is much higher than previously thought and highlights the need of accelerating the efforts to eradicate this practice, said the United Nation Friday.

Despite an increased push to end FGM or female genital mutilation, experts have warned that growing populations in certain areas of high prevalence countries have been undermining the efforts to eradicated this practice as it is condemned widely as a human rights abuse.

If the trend of today continues the number of women and girls that will be subjected to FGM would increase significantly during the next 15 years, said the children agency in the UN UNICEF.

The data from UNICEF has information on 30 countries, but half of the women and girls who have been suffered FGM live in only three countries Ethiopia, Egypt and Indonesia.

The new figure for the world includes close to 70 million additional women and girls that what was estimated by UNICEF just two years ago.

However, that is due in a large part to the inclusion of data from the country of Indonesia, which was not part of the 2014 study because no reliable figures were available at that time.

Female genital mutilation differs depending upon the region and the culture, with certain forms involving health risks that are life threatening, said Geeta Rao Gupta the Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF.

Regardless, of the risk involved, every FGM case violates the rights of women and girls said Gupta. She added that we must accelerate the efforts of health professionals, governments, leaders of the community, parents and families to eradicate the practice.

This ancient ritual practiced across a number of African countries, and in pockets of the Middle East and Asia, usually involves the partial or even the total removal of the external genitalia of a female.

The most extreme method of FGM is where the opening of the vagina is sewn closed.

Study: UN Finds Genital Mutilation Suffered by More Woman Than Thought