A detailed article on the benefits of Sugarcane juice for body and the substance which can be used as sugar suitable for Diabetic Patients...
Sugarcane is used by people for thousands of years. It contains a lot of water content. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, calcium, phosphorus, iron, plus succinic, fumaric, malic and citric organic acids. Nutritional value – Sugarcane juice per serving (28.35 grams) contains:  
Energy-111.13 kJ (26.56 kcal), Carbohydrates – 27.51 g, Protein – 0.27 g, Calcium – 11.23 mg (1%), Iron – 0.37 mg (3%), Potassium – 41.96 mg (1%), Sodium – 17.01 mg (1%), Dietary fiber – 13g 
1) Boosts immunity and energy instantly. It’s rich in antioxidants so it helps fights infections. 
2) High potassium levels help digestion. Sugarcane relieves constipation, acidity and stomach burns. It balances the pH level of the stomach.
3) Increases muscle power and strengthens bones and teeth 
4) Eliminates toxins from the body 
5) Treats urinary tract infections and ensures proper functioning of the kidneys. Scientists proved that dehydration is the primary cause of kidney stone formation. Sugarcane prevents dehydration and moisturizes the body too. 
6) Strengthens livers  
7) Treats bad breath and tooth decay due to its high mineral content 
8) As cancer cannot develop in alkaline environments, drinking sugarcane juice prevents cancer 
9) Sugarcane is also good for the skin. Applying the juice on face removes acne, reduce blemishes, prevent aging, moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth.  
10) It is a healthy substitute for sugar and other sweeteners. Thus it prevents diabetes. 
11) Treats flu, sore throat, fever, jaundice, common cold, fatigues  
12) It has an alkaline nature which helps in burning fats that has more levels of acidity.  
13)  It manages stress levels due to its tryptophan and magnesium content, by balancing hormone levels in your body 
14) It reduces tension in blood vessels and arteries in the heart and reduces blood pressure. 
In some cases, people have complained about getting side effects after consuming Sugarcane, such as vomiting and nausea.