US Vaping Illness Outbreak-Trump Bans E-cigarette

US Vaping Illness Outbreak. Photo by Nathan Salt from Pexels

US Vaping Illness Outbreak. Photo by Nathan Salt from Pexels

Does the problem is Vaping or its sickness?

Right from high school kids to old age people are vaping for more years and Why the ban is in peak now? Yes, Everything gets attention only when it reaches its destiny; E-cigarette vaping illness also leads to the death of many in the recent days in Illinois. That's the cause for a sudden ban on cigarettes or E-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes Ban: Politicians and government authorities have made a temporary ban on E-cigarette sales in some parts of the state, stating that 'Vaping or smoking has an adverse respiratory illness to vapers'.

Though the ban is opposed by many in the beginning, the recent threat of respiratory sickness and increasing death rate among vaping people finds it as necessary.

President Donald Trump also supports the E-cigarette ban all over the country now to reduce the mortality and for the welfare of his citizens.

What Causes Vaping Illness in the US?

Both Vaping and smoking has life-threatening messages for the vapers; We cannot conclude safer opinions ourselves.

Last month 18 people died in the US due to the severe damage in the respiratory system posing breathing disparities. Therapists diagnosed the cause of the illness is Vaping cigarettes among individuals.

Chemical Vaping is a grave problem, therapists say. Everybody knows that Vaping or smoking causes lung illness; The diagnose report predicts that severe breathing and lung disparities are due to the vaping of chemicals present in E-cigarettes.

More than 1000 people came to the hospital for the past few months with lung disorders tells Federal officials.

The US CDC and Prevention finds that more than 81% of affected people are youngsters less than 35 years of age.

Health officials advise all the vaping citizens to avoid vaping marijuana or nicotine products; the National Survey of nearly 600 respiratory disorder people concludes that THC in marijuana or E-cigarette is creating more sick than the nicotine vaping. However, Vaping is injurious to health inspite of THC or Nicotine.

 The CDC's principal deputy director Anne Schuchat says," A particular product or chemical ban doesn't help recovery in full swing ".

Irina Stepanov says E-cigarettes have been in the sales for a very long time; We must be aware that sudden respiratory disorder is only in recent days. The flavors in E-cigarette contain THC, nicotine, and some other chemicals which cause illness when aerosolized by vapers.

Either Cigarettes or E-cigarettes vaping causes vomiting, nausea, breath illness, respiratory disorders in a high rate. Nearly 1:5 deaths are due to cigarette vaping, says US mortality survey.

CDC and FDA Outbreak:

Colorado finds its first vaping patient named Piper. Piper's parents Tim and Johnson told America's Newsroom that "They were shocked to hear Pneumonia attack in Piper with severe shortness of breath due to her Vaping habit".

Piper's dad Ruby Johnson says that the problem is not alone in his home; More than 5 million teens are vaping in the US, which is a bigger problem now. Piper's parents were sure that she dragged into flavors of THC in E-cigarette, which caused this illness; They added that she vapes only nicotine in the early days.

The CDC and Prevention sets a statistical report of people inhaling E-cigarette and also the vapers attained lung illness. More than 800 people have a connection between Vaping and respiratory problems.

The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) is investigating the nation's biggest Vaping illness outbreak to save the young nation from chemical vaping.

US Vaping Illness Outbreak-Trump Bans E-cigarette