Zuckerberg Vaccinates Baby, Non-Vaxxers Upset

Zuckerberg Vaccinates Baby, Non-Vaxxers Upset

The personal Facebook page for Mark Zuckerberg has been a collection of happy family moments and firsts including posts about his wife Priscilla s baby shower, about her completing residency and their sheepdog.

Since the birth of their daughter Max last month, the page has been all about her milestones.

The latest milestone was a visit to the doctor s office including photos, but this post set ablaze the Internet as it showed how her mother and father feel about the vaccine debate.

Many of the more than 47 million followers of the co-founder of Facebook saw the post as an expression of support for vaccinations, which is a public health matter at the heart of a current debate around civil liberties and modern science.

One post thanked Zuckerberg for protecting his child and others by having the vaccine, referring to the herd immunity, which is an immunity that protects a whole community when the critical portion of that population is vaccinated.

However, another wrote that vaccine was the poison for human kind, killing more people that its helps.

Close to 70,000 comments were received on that post and run from one end of the pro-vaccine gamut to the other end of the anti-vaccine argument.

Those who oppose vaccines say they can cause autism and even cause a baby or infant to die or become permanently disabled.

Those supporting vaccines mention how they have helped to eliminate dreadful disease such as small pox and polio.

An article in 1998 made the first connection between autism and vaccinations and was not retracted until 2010 after it was discovered that the work the scientist did was funded by parents that had filed suit against vaccine companies.

Despite those revelations, fears have persisted and have been buoyed by a child who is autistic and whose parents won a claims case in 2008 with the Department of Health and Human Services, when the daughter developed autism from the five vaccines she was given when 19 months old.

Zuckerberg Vaccinates Baby, Non-Vaxxers Upset