Boeing Gets the Deal With Emirates

Boeing Gets the Deal With Emirates

Airlines giant Emirates finalized a deal with the plane maker Boeing to buy 150 new 777X mini-jumbo jets where the deal worth $56bn made at the Airshow at Dubai.

Emirates also can increase their order to more 50 aircraft on the agreement between the two giants made.

However Boeing is expecting to produce the 777X planes from 2017 and also targeting to deliver the first aircraft from 2020 to Emirates.

According to the president of Emirates Sir Tim Clark, With the order for 150 777Xs, Emirates now has 208 Boeing 777s pending delivery, creating and securing jobs across the supply chain. The 777X will offer us operational flexibility in terms of range, more passenger capacity and fuel efficiency, and we look forward to inducting them into our fleet from 2020.

Meanwhile the Emirates also ordering 115 777-9Xs and 35 777-8Xs and the aircraft maker giant Boeing also has around 300 777X planes order from their other six customers.

Though Emirates have cancelled their order of 70 Airbus A350 s which was made back in 2007 where Airbus informed that the cancellations were made after the discussions between the companies revealed different requirements.

Boeing Gets the Deal With Emirates