Burger King to acquire Tim Hortons

Burger King to acquire Tim Hortons

Renowned fast food retailer Burger King is willing to purchase Tim Hortons the Canadian coffee and doughnut chain and if the deal successfully take off it will create an estimate market value of $18 billion which will surely make the firm to take high.

According to the market value both Burger King and Tim Hortons are similar in terms of its market size and if the merger between the two food firm take place it will create one of the top quick service restaurant in the world.

And if the merger takes place it will be a Canada based firm which will allow the firms to give a bit lower corporate taxes comparing to the United States.

Meanwhile the merger would also take place will also see the reason of tax inversion as Burger King will be moving from its US territory and according to the sources the deal might take place in the next upcoming days.

However the recent mergers which has been taking place to save the high tax rates as moving business to the different country allows the firms to save a huge amount of corporate tax and the US president Barack Obama who recently criticized the mentality only because of saving the tax.

Recently the tax inversions gaining much popularity amongst the international firms and many of the firms are now willing to merge with the firms which are based outside US which also allows the firms to make cheap deals and at the same time saving huge taxes.

Burger King to acquire Tim Hortons