Google unveiled the new smartphone Nexus tablet Nexus 6 and 9 and made it official Android Lollipop, the latest version of its operating system for the first time shown pr

Google unveiled the new smartphone Nexus tablet Nexus 6 and 9 and made it official Android Lollipop, the latest version of its operating system for the first time shown premiered last July. The announcement of the new products was made at Apple a few hours away from the event, scheduled for today, which will be presented the new iPad and possibly new updated versions of the Mac. For several years, Google uses its Nexus line to show how should be made devices that use Android, not only to users of mobile phones and smartphones, but also to those who produce them. Earlier versions have been repeatedly identified as the best that you can expect from Android devices, at least according to the reviews of other tech sites.

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 was developed in collaboration with Motorola, a company acquired by Google dearly in 2011 with $ 12 billion earlier this year and sold it to Lenovo for 2.91 billion. Aesthetically, then remember the Motorola already on the market, especially in the back with the camera positioned at the center and the coating convex phone. The smartphone has a screen rather large by 5.96 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, and weighs 184 grams. At the front it has a dual speaker oriented in the same direction of the screen, which helps you hear better audio videos or playing video games.

The coating of the Nexus 6 is aluminum, the first Nexus to use this material. The main camera, located as usual in the back of the phone is 13 megapixels and has a function of optical stabilization, similar to that used by Apple in its iPhone 6 Plus. The front camera is 2 megapixels and instead serves more than another for video, and – ok – for Selfie. The smartphone is available in two versions, one 32 and one 64 GB; for both models the RAM is 3 GB.

Larger screen means more room for the battery: Google says the Nexus 6 offers up to 300 hours of standby time and 8 hours of battery life if you use it to surf the WiFi one less if you browse through LTE. Like other Motorola smartphone can be recharged quickly with the system Turbo Charge, which allows you to get 7 hours of battery life after 15 minutes of charging.

Nexus 6 will be available for booking from 29th October, and will arrive in stores in November. The price for Italy has not yet been defined, but to get an idea in the United States will be sold at around $ 650.

Nexus 9

The Nexus tablet 9 was built by HTC with Google, a company with which there had been other collaborations in the past. It has a 8.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and has a 64-bit processor (Nvidia Tegra K1), which should allow you to run faster applications, from video games. In the front speakers are evident based on the technology BoomSound HTC, which serves to obtain a more immersive audio. 9 Nexus weighs 420 grams and has some metal finishes, with a 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a front 1.6-megapixel camera.

The tablet may be associated with the keyboard folio, with mechanical keys to make it more convenient typing long texts through the tablet. It attaches magnetically to the tablet and can be used at two different angles. The keyboard runs on batteries alone and does not charge when connected to the tablet, but Google says that a single charge can last up to five months.

Android Lollipop

The new Android 5.0 has required several months of testing after its premi re in June, during the series of events of Google I / O. The most obvious is the graphics of the operating system, which has been revised considerably from the lock screen display that shows the best the most recent notifications and allows you to interact with them without having to unlock the phone. We have introduced the Recent you need to see the most recently used applications easily and still running, along with the last visited pages through the browser, and the last communication I had with your contacts.

Android Lollipop shows a different result pages obtained when searching for things via Google: the idea is to make them more consistent with the rest of the operating system, so that they can interact with their applications. If one of the results is included a link to a site that also has an app for Android and it is installed in your phone, you can access the application directly from the browser page.

The Project Time serves to better manage the battery of your phone, also activating a save function to minimize power consumption when the power is coming to an end. Android Lollipop also works with 64-bit applications on compatible smartphones, which allows you to run apps faster. Google has also worked on security, creating new systems to remotely lock and erase all data from your phone if it is stolen.

Among the first devices that will be upgraded to Android Lollipop are the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus and Nexus 7 10. For phones and tablets of different brands that use Android depend on the individual manufacturers, such as Samsung, decide which phones will be updated and how. Android Lollipop will be available immediately on the new Nexus Nexus 6 and 9, and on the Nexus Player.

Nexus Player

Google also unveiled the Nexus Player: his new attempt to try and bring Android on TVs, shortly after those successful in recent years.

The device is a kind of decoder (set-top boxes, to make precisini) produced in collaboration with Asus and that attaches to your TV. Through an Internet connection, Nexus Player connects to Google Play to be able to buy movies, TV series and music. It has a very elementary remote control, with a few keys to move within the interface macro-square for the choice of contents. Since it uses Android, Nexus Player can also be used for video games made for the operating system (with a controller sold separately). In many ways the device remembers television Fire from Amazon, which is more or less the same thing, and even has some function similar to Chromecast the economic stick ever made by Google to easily view streaming content on your TV.

Nexus player to be sold in the United States at a price of $ 99, while it is not yet clear when it will be sold in Italy and at what price.