McDonald’s business facing downfall

McDonald’s business facing downfall

Famous international restaurant McDonald s Corp has been struggling recently after their poor sales in the last three quarters in the US while it also faced a major blow in their Europe business for the very first time in four quarters is an alarming sign.

While the company also expecting downfall in July on the whole world on their sales which affects the shares of McDonald s and fell 2.4 percent in the market.

And the company is going to face 0.3% fall in the US sales which was informed by Consensus Metrix a research firm.

McDonald s also faced downfall on their sales in June where the US sales fell 3.5% and another one percent in May while the overall business s thirty percent has been the US market for the restaurant chain.

According to a research the total sale of the company which rose one percent however which was 11 billion less than the expected average by the analyst.

And according to the world s biggest restaurant chain they informed that it was rather a flat sale for their low sales rate while another research informed earlier that the sales may increase to 0.8% in the coming time.

But the sales in the Asia pacific region did get a boost as the business in Africa and Middle East rose to 1.1% jointly.

McDonald s informed that their net income is $1.40 per share were just one year earlier the net income was $1.38.

McDonald’s business facing downfall

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