Henkel Looking To Expand

Henkel Looking To Expand

Henkel the consumer goods group from German is looking to expand their business by taking over some products to improve their reputations as they already announced two big deals last month.

The finance chief of the group Carsten Knobel informed that they do not rule out larger takeovers in those areas.

The three major business of the group Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care and Adhesive Technologies has been their main part to expand in future.

Henkel already made a deal with the French product Spotless a cleaner maker along with other three hair care brands of US and looking forward to expand their business since last year to stay at the market in the competition with their rivals.

The main area of this market is to get hold of some products in the prospect countries informed the finance chief of the company.

He also added that they are not thinking about any specific focus rather than they are more concerned over the quality and the price which will be easy for the consumers.

At the same time the group is looking to add latest technologies on their adhesive business while Knobel also turned down the rumor of giving cash rewards to the share holders.

That is currently not an option. Investments in further development of the company, including acquisitions, remain the best way to increase value in the interest of shareholders, he said.

Henkel Looking To Expand