The death toll in California fire is increasing and the cause of wildfire is not clear yet while the wind seems to have triggered the fire spread across the regions...
Since the Northern California Wild Fire started on Friday, about 30 deaths have been reported so far and ten thousand are at risk. At least 70,000 acres swallowed by the gigantic fire, which was intensified by the fierce Santa Ana winds. Red Flag warnings have been issued from Sunday and 50 mph wind is expected in those areas. The blaze destroyed more than 150 homes making the dwellers homeless unexpectantly.
This Whisk Winds intensified the gliding flames by joining hands, threatening the joint efforts of the firefighters. The suburb of Thousand Oaks was not spared which ended in 12 deaths. The dwellers had exclaimed that the fire stretched so quickly with their eyes burning and they felt the face & body intensified with a hot atmosphere. The places like Westlake Village, Hidden Hills, Agoura Hills, Calabasas and Malibu became victim to this massive fire.
Westlake village was almost crushed to scrapes and nothing left in those areas. The inevitable air pollution had agitated the Environmental Protection Agency and they have shown their concerns over the Woolsey and Hill fires. 
More than 90% of wildfires all over the world are caused by careless handling of fire, campfires that have been not been put off properly, careless debris burning, gas cylinders, fuel tanks without proper care, cigarettes not properly put off and even by the acts of arson. An uncleaned forest may also be the reason, which aids in catching of fire easily. President Donald Trump has pointed out the forest department’s poor management for the cause of the fire.