Hurricane weakens North and South Carolina: Latest Updates of Florence
The increasing intensity of Hurricane Florence day by day is wiping the North and South Caroline with storming winds and heavy rainfall causing floods across the regions

The Hurricane Florence is driving Carolina into a havoc region with continuous blow and disasters through the northern and southern parts of Carolina while it doesnt seem to stop in the next coming days. Florence is currently a tropical depression that killed around 18 people so far with a variable source of disasters.

Flash flooding is been caused in the parts of North and South Carolina along with the flooding of rivers as reported by the National Hurricane Centre. At 11 pm ET, the speed of tropical wind was about 30 mph and it is expected to bring heavy rainfall along the regions of north-eastern and South Carolina for next few days.

The hurricane Florence is currently set at a distance of 45 kilometres east from the Asheville and 70 kilometres north from the Greenville. The storm is approaching the North Carolina at a speed of 17 kph and it is expected to strengthen the force by Tuesday and Wednesday.

For the next couple of days, the intensity of the hurricane will be increasing and the rainfall is expected to raise water level while the Southern New England will have 5 inches added to the current rainfall and the Mid-Atlantic States along with some regions in Carolinas might witness increasing rainfalls through the already flooded areas.