Lloyd Edward Johnson arrested at MCDonald. Image - KSTP TV
Horrifying moment, white man pulls the gun from his pockets on four black Muslim teens at McDonald fast food chain restaurant but staff tries to kick them out...
On this Wednesday Minnesota police arrested a man, Lloyd Edward Johnson, 55, under cause for second-degree assault. He arrested after he took a gun on a group of teens at a McDonald’s restaurant.
 Now Johnson is being held in custody at the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center. 
It is said to be the arrest of Johnson is due to a heated argument with McDonald customers came in the group mostly four Muslim Black Somali teens. This McDonald restaurant is fast -food chain which is in a suburban area outside of Minnesota. The reason for the disputation occurred is McDonald’s system didn’t accept the payments.

Johnson began to complain and asked them whether they were using electronics cards to transfer the money for the meals they had. One of the Somali-American Teen responds by asking him whether he is asking that question because they were

black. It leads to strong verbal arguments before he places his hands in his pocket. 
Jihan, One of the teens said, he told everybody to back up. Video of the encounter shows Johnson shouts at the teens as he exits the restaurant. A group of individuals can then be seen running and shouting that the man had a gun. 
McDonald’s faced criticism for some of its employee’s response to the incident. A separate video shows a lady employee calling for the teenagers to leave the restaurant, even as a bystander says, “don’t send them out there when the dude just pulled a f**ing gun on them.”
Another video shared by Farida Osman, a teen at the restaurant, shows a different McDonalds employee told the group: If he pulled out a gun its for a reason.
The investigation into the incident remains active as it seems to be in direction of racism. Paul Ostergaard, the owner, and operator of this McDonalds franchise Eden Prairie location said: Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees.