A U.S Fighter Jet Crashes on-air due to a mechanical failure with the aviators been rescued in the Japanese coast by the rescue team...
On Nov 12, a Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 5 F/ A-18, a fighter jet underwent a mechanical failure while conducting routine practice in the Philippine Sea. The jet crashed today at about 250 km Naha, capital of Okinawa by 11:45 am (0245 GMT), the two aviators inside were safely rescued without any injuries by USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). The US Navy rescued the aviators by means of the military helicopters while the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier had attained the normal condition later.
Naha is located on the seacoast of East China and on the southern part of Okinawa Island. Okinawa occupies less than 1% of  Japans total land area but hosts much American military personnel stationed in it.
Okinawa residents have been showing resentments as there had been a string of crimes committed by US military personnel. The investigation is been going on regarding the crash