Post the wake up on the comet, Philae makes another contact with Earth

Post the wake up on the comet, Philae makes another contact with Earth

Philae, the European space probe has made yet another follow up contact with the controls on Earth little over a day after the first message was sent home in about 7 months after its landing on a comet, according to the ground operators. During the week end, Philae re-established its contact with the ground operators at the European Space Agency. President of CNES, the French space agency, Jean Yves Le Gall told the France 2 television station that Philae was now fully awake.

Subsequent to a crucial solar recharge, the first message from Philae was received on Saturday night after its long hibernation caused by battery run down. On 12 November, Philae landed on the comet after a 10 year long trek aboard its mothership Rosetta. But, instead of giving up on the surface of the iceball, the landed bounced many times before getting an angle in the dark ditch.

Philae had adequate batter power to last about 60 hours for experiments and that helped in sending a wide array of data before it went into the standby mode.

Ground control was always hopping that when the comet got closer to the sun, the improved light would help recharge philae s batteries to enable it reboot and establish contact to finally undertake a new series of experiments.

Philae s present home is 215 million kilometers from Sun and 305 million kilometers from the Earth, moving at 31.24 kilometers per second speed.

On August 13, Philae will be approaching perihelion which is the closest from Sun in the orbit of the comet. After that Philae will veer off once again into deeper space.

Mr.Le Gall also confirmed that the comet was presently fully active with bursts of dust, bursts of gas and everyone can observe it first hand, thanks to Philae.

The mission is an effort to unlock the secrets of comets that have been held for long primordial cluster of ice as well dust which scientists believe could reveal the way the solar system came into existence.

10 instruments are loaded on Philae for studying the vapor and dust that blast from the comet when it gets further close to the sun.

Post the wake up on the comet, Philae makes another contact with Earth

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