The reclassification of Marijuana- AAP demands further research on the drug

The reclassification of Marijuana- AAP demands further research on the drug

What is Marjuana to you Something that you have heard has medical implications alternatives for cancer patients relieving pain, something you smell in your neighborhood at times or you probably suspect your son or someone else you know might abuse occasionally

Earlier this week the American Academy of Pediatrics re-evaluated their classification of marijuana, whilst advising the federal government to reclassify it for aiding further study of this very common and available drug.

AAP also released a policy statement on the drug, re-confirming its resistance in the legalization of cannabis and stating their concern on the harmful effects of the substance on the youth. They have also insisted on moving marijuana from its current status of Schedule I where it is clustered with heroin and LSD, to Schedule 2, which is also hazardous but more available to researchers.

As per government regulations, Schedule I drugs possess a high probability of exploitation and have value in medicinal terms. In general, drugs with Schedule I class are not open for research.

DEA, the federal agency is principally accountable for the regulation of substances such as marijuana, more commonly known as pot amongst youngsters. The FDA alongside the National Institute on Drug Abuse facilitated the DEA with proposals on the suitable level of restriction of the diverse range of illegal substances.

The FDA is currently emerged in an evaluation of medical evidence concerning the safety and effective of marijuana. This appraisal was commenced in regards to an official request from the DEA, following a handful of petitions demanding a review.

As per the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the government must take into consideration 8 important factors while making a decision on the schedule under which any substance should be classified. Some of the factors include the potential for abuse, the status of the existing scientific knowledge with reference to the substance and its psychic or physiological dependency level.

The FDA yet could not confirm the length of the process of the review but has conveyed total support for the action taken by AAP.

The reclassification of Marijuana- AAP demands further research on the drug

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