Reduce labor pain with the help of laughing gas

Reduce labor pain with the help of laughing gas

It is no surprise that giving birth to a child is a very painful process and women may want ways to get some relief. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a clinic has collaborated with the practice followed by several birthing centers which uses an extraordinary approach towards helping to be moms in the course of their painful labor by using nitrogen oxide, better known as the laughing gas.

Jenna White, a woman who used laughing gas during giving birth at the Minnesota Birth Center, states that using this was like being more on the middle ground than the intake of an epidural. She also mentioned that the control is in the hands of the patient, when to breathe in and when not too. So, for women who likes to be in control, this may be a wise choice.

Laughing gas is a combination of Nitrous oxide and oxygen. The Chairman of the Obstetrics and gynecology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Dr. Errol Norwitz stated that the gas is to be inhaled with the help of a mask with a rapid reaction taking place for the patient after the intake. He also reported that epidurals are definitely more effective than the gas but for women who want to stick to the customary approach towards labor, this is a very good alternative.

National Institutes of Health showed issued a report where it claimed that newborns born with the procedure which included the injection of laughing gas and the alternative methods of pain relief showed similar Apgar scores, a measurement to check newborn s health. So, it can be concluded that the intake of gas doesn t affect the health of newborn in any negative manner.

Nitrogen oxide is used to help take the pain off a little. As per Dr. Norwitz, there are women who are content with just this, but in a more generalized term, it doesn t provide the sufficient pain relief for every mom.

Reduce labor pain with the help of laughing gas

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