Rise in US sea level north of NYC by 128mm Scientists warns coastal regions

Rise in US sea level north of NYC by 128mm Scientists warns coastal regions

A new report states that the sea level north of NYC ascended by 128mm in the last 2 years. US scientist suggests that it is about time coastal regions start preparing for both short-term and severe sea-level misfortunes.

It has already been warmed by climate models that there will be significant rise in sea level in this century.

Prof Jianjun Yin of the University of Arizona said The extreme sea level rise event during 2009-10 along the northeast coast of North America is unprecedented during the past century.

Statistical analysis indicates that it is a 1-in-850 year event.

The records of tidal levels alongside the US east coast and Canada have been examined by scientist from the University of Arizona and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in New Jersey dividing the coastline into 3 regions North of NYC, NYC to Cape Hatteras on the coast of North Carolina and south of Cape Hatteras.

When coastal storms occur, extreme sea levels can lead to elevated storm surge, said Prof Jianjun Yin.

In addition to long-term and gradual sea level rise, coastal communities will need to prepare for short and extreme sea level rise events.

Prof Rowan Sutton, climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Reading, regarding this study believes that climate models proposes an rise in such mishaps

This study identifies a record breaking high sea level event that occurred along part of the US east coast in 2009-10.

There is strong evidence that the likelihood of such events has been increased by climate change, and that we should expect more such events in the future.

This example illustrates how individual extreme events are influenced by multiple factors - in this case the global rise of sea levels, regional changes in ocean circulation, and wind patterns.

Dr Dan Hodson, also from the University of Reading, stated that the analysis highlighted the significance of comprehending the connections between escalations in sea levels and ocean currents.

Sea level change is a complex phenomenon, especially on the regional scale, where changes to the global ocean circulation can play a major role, he said.

The east coast of North America is quite close to an area of active, fast ocean currents, and so is quite sensitive to changing ocean circulation.

He also said the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), a major current in the Atlantic Ocean, had repercussions for Europe and Africa as well as the US.

Research at the University of Reading has demonstrated how this could make summers in Britain wetter and may persuade rainfall patterns in regions of Africa.

Rise in US sea level north of NYC by 128mm Scientists warns coastal regions

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