Samsung Bought US Air Conditioner Selling Firm Quietside

Samsung Bought US Air Conditioner Selling Firm Quietside

Renowned electronics company Samsung Electronics informed that they have acquired US air conditioner distributor Quietside LLC as the Korean firm is willing to enhance its Smart House business recently.

This is the second acquisition from the South Korean electronics giant in a week as the company earlier informed that they have bought US based SmartThings who usually makes apps which monitors devices at home.

According to the Samsung s smart homes project it allows the users to control several home appliances through the mobile device as the smart homes project which is also a sign of using latest technologies from the world s top electronic firm.

According to the spokesman of Samsung he informed that they have already bought the 100 percent shares of Quietside however he did not mentioned about other information of the deal.

Meanwhile Samsung Electronics said through a statement, Because air conditioning products are a necessity in all buildings, including homes and offices, this acquisition is expected to be of help to our future smart home business.

Whirlpool which is now the top home appliances makers in the world where the South Korean firm announced earlier that they are willing to become the top home appliance makers in the world by 2015 while buying Quietside Samsung will be getting a huge platform as the US firm has 500 stores in the country who mainly sells air conditioners for office and home.

Samsung Bought US Air Conditioner Selling Firm Quietside

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