Did you miss the ‘Pink Moon’ last Thursday?

Did you miss the ‘Pink Moon’ last Thursday?

If you had watched the evening sky over the past few days, you have possibly noticed a difference with the moon. You could have seen that the size is significantly less than usual and is the smallest across the year. This phenomenon is known as pink moon but unlike what the name indicates the moon does not suffer any change in color. The full moon in April is known by several other names across cultures. Fish Moon is the name attributed by certain coastal tribes since the moon coincides with the shades swimming upstream as explained in the Farmer s Almanac.

The Earth s natural satellite entering its full phase in the month of April is the cause of the pink moon phenomenon.

The appearance of a variety of pink flower called the wild ground phlox is also associated with the naming of April s full moon as pink moon by early tribal people. Sprouting Grass Moon and Egg Moon are also among some of the other names attributed to the April moon.

As a matter of fact what the naked eyes of humans on earth can notice is just the change in size and has nothing to do with color. The appearance of the moon is the smallest since the moon is positioned at the furthest point from Earth. During April, the satellite is about 50,000 kilometers away from the host planet.

Opposed to this on 14th November, the moon will be positioned closest to earth, and that event is termed as the Supermoon . During the current century, it is expected that the moon will closest to Earth in the current year.

Although the name pink moon sounds odd, it is celebrated as an important celestial event happening every year. You would also have noticed some of the online hoax calls on the green phenomenon which is simply a fiction created by some social media addicts. Many users around the globe have also allowed their imagination to run riot attributing many reasons they invented for the phenomenon. Experts from authentic circles have opposed these claims and stated that the event has more to do with the celebration of National Weed Day!

Did you miss the ‘Pink Moon’ last Thursday?

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