El Jefe Only Wild US Jaguar Captured on Video

El Jefe Only Wild US Jaguar Captured on Video

Video of a jaguar, named El Jefe by Tucson school children, was released last week by the Center for Biological Diversity and research partner Conservation CATalyst. He is the only jaguar known to be in the United States.

The video was recorded in the Santa Rita Mountains outside Arizona. Aletris Neils, founder and executive director of Conservation CATalyst, said that El Jafe is the only known jaguar in America. But there is a breeding population 100 miles south of the border in Mexico.

The area, where the video has been captured is considered to be the perfect habitat for El Jafe. But it has to be ensured that the land connecting Arizona home and the Mexican population remains. Chris Bugbee, a biologist with Conservation CATalyst said that jaguars have always been found commonly in Arizona, but then also they do not know much about them.

Researchers said that they have spent past three years in tracking El Jefe s tracks and scat through the Santa Rita Mountains. It is for the first time that the video footage has been captured of it. Neils said that a proposed copper mine could be a problem for the cat, as it has the potential to destroy its habitat and influence its prey.

The people from the Biological Diversity Center are worried that we will lose this lone survivor.

(El Jefe's) home range is ground zero for the Rosemont Copper mine, the center s Randy Serraglio said. It's really going to destroy a significant part of his home.

Canadian mining company HudBay Minerals is handling the Rosemont Mine. El Jefe s advocates have raised concerns regarding this.

El Jefe Only Wild US Jaguar Captured on Video