Super Strong Armor That Disintegrates Bullets

Super Strong Armor That Disintegrates Bullets

This week did not go well with bullets because researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an armor using a super strong material. The armor will turn the bullets into mere dust immediately on impact. Most bulletproof systems available today only repel the bullet saving the surface of impact. The dead bullet remains intact with no major damage caused to it.

Researchers have used CMFs or composite metal foams which are stronger and lighter compared to traditional metal plating employed in vehicle and body armor.

According to Afsaneh Rabieie, who is a professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at N.C. State, researchers have spent several years investigating unique properties and developing the CMFs.

The bullet used in a demo video was 7.62x63 mm M2 designed for armor piercing projectile. This was fired in accordance with procedures laid down for standard testing established by Department of Justice for evaluation of armor types.

The armor which is just about an inch in thickness is made up of a ceramic strike face, a middle layer with CMFs to absorb energy and a Kevlar backing.

Prof. Rabiei also stated that the researchers could halt the progress of the bullet at less than one inch in total thickness and the indentation at the back was below 8 mm.

The armor obviously has application in vehicle and body armors. But, what is perhaps lesser known is that it has applications in the transportation of nuclear waste and space travel, according to the researchers. Earlier tests demonstrated the ability of CMFs to withstand very high temperatures and block gamma, x-ray and neutron radiation.

In the past, researchers have continuously developed several types of armors to protect various people from different forms of threat. But, ammunition to beat such developments was also developed on the other side of the fence, and that questioned the efficacy of the armors.

This time around, the CMF armor promises to give several sleepless nights to those who want to challenge its efficacy. In conventional armors, the bullets only fail to pierce the target and remain structurally intact. The disintegration of the bullet by the CMF armor makes it extremely challenging for all those on the wrong side of the law at least for now.

Super Strong Armor That Disintegrates Bullets

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