The 'word of mouth' is positive in all languages - Spanish wins the race

The 'word of mouth' is positive in all languages - Spanish wins the race

A recent study has gained a new insight that human languages are prone to use positive words more frequently than negative ones.Researchers have stated that people are optimistic in general when speaking. Most of the time, they have the tendency of looking and talking about the good things in life.

Scientists at the University of Vermont and their associated have taken in a huge compilation of data of billions of words on the basis of its definite usage.

We looked at ten languages and in every source we looked at, people use more positive words than negative ones, said UVM mathematician Peter Dodds, co-leader of the study.

This research signifies that the art of language possesses a positive mind of its own. So Dodds relates that this is why it appears that positive social interaction is constructed onto the fundamental constitution of languages.

Billions of words have been assembled from all around the globe by researchers with the assistance 24 types of resources inclusive of books, social media, news outlets, websites, subtitles of movies and TV shows, lyrics from songs and more.

We collected roughly 100 billion words written in tweets, said UVM mathematician Chris Danforth, who is also a co-leader of the study.

These resources have were used to identify around 10,000 high-frequency words in each of these 10 languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian and Arabic.

The following step of the research consisted of native speakers rating the most frequent words on a 9.0 scale from an intensely frowning to a widely smiling face.

Next, they gathered these 5 million individual scores of the gathered words. The scores were then averaged. In English, laughter scored 8.50, food -7.44 whereas negative words like greed scored 3.06 and terrorist 1.30.

Much to everyone s surprise, Spanish language sites had the highest average word happiness and a search of Chinese books scored the lowest. This was done with the help of Google Web Crawl. All the 24 sources the researchers have evaluated so far, it was found that all the words went above the neutral score of 5 on the 1-9 scale, irrespective of the language.

Words like the was rated with an average middle score. The researchers also translated words among these languages and then reversed it only to discover that the estimated emotional content of words is consistent between languages.

The 'word of mouth' is positive in all languages - Spanish wins the race