Stroke risks elevated by middle-aged heavy drinking as opposed to other conventional factors

Stroke risks elevated by middle-aged heavy drinking as opposed to other conventional factors

A new study in the American Heart Association journal Stroke reveals that consumption of more than 2 alcoholic beverages per day during ones middle-increases the threat of getting a stroke more compared to conventional factors like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The study was conducted for 43 years on 11,644 middle-aged twins from Sweden, scientists contrasted the effects of the ones who consumed more than 2 drinks/day (heavy drinking) to the ones who had an intake of less than half a drink (light drinking).

The study showed that heavy drinkers had a 34% more risk of stroke in comparison to the light drinking crowd. Heavy drinkers in their mid-life (50s and 60s) have the probability of a stroke 5 years earlier regardless of genetic and early life issues, or other common risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Without the influence of heavy drinking, blood pressure and diabetes can be factors of influencing stroke but around the age of 75.

Studies conducted before this have shown the effects of alcohol on risk of stroke but this new study is scrutinizing the differences inclusive of age which makes the depiction much vivid.

Pavla Kadlecov , M.Sc., a statistician at St. Anne's University Hospital's International Clinical Research Center in the Czech Republic said We now have a clearer picture about these risk factors, how they change with age and how the influence of drinking alcohol shifts as we get older.

The data were collected from questionnaires answered by the same-sex twins from the Swedish Twin Registry in 1967-1970 where they all the twins were under the age of 60 at the beginning. By the year 2010, the research gave out 43 years of data of follow ups, hospital discharges and the cause of death.

The researches then classified the data on the basis of categories such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular incidents.

Around 30% of the participants had a stroke under the categories of light, moderate, heavy or non-drinkers on the basis of the questionnaires. The risk from alcohol and health risks were compared.

American Heart Association recommends a limit of 2 drinks (8 ounces) a day for men and one (4ounces) for women.

Heavy drinking on a regular basis can elevate blood pressure and cause heart failure over a span of time with the repetitive pattern of drinking as well to stroke and other risks.

Regular heavy drinking of any kind of alcohol can raise blood pressure and cause heart failure or irregular heartbeats over time with repeated drinking, in addition to stroke and further more associated risks.

For mid-aged adults, avoiding more than two drinks a day could be a way to prevent stroke in later productive age (about 60s), Kadlecov said.

Stroke risks elevated by middle-aged heavy drinking as opposed to other conventional factors

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