A surprising new trick to un-boil an egg

A surprising new trick to un-boil an egg

The un-boiling of eggs, as absurd as it may sound, has a massive affect on the research for cancer. Scientists have just discovered the method to un-boil the egg whites.

Gregory Welss a professor of chemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Irvine, and the experiment s lead researcher explains that egg whites consist of protein which starts off with a particular shape. Once the egg is boiled, the protein remains unchanged but instead changes its conformation.

This is big for the scientist and even chemist because it was believed that once the egg is hard boiled then there is nothing more to it. Welss and his team has been successfully able to go in reverse direction with the process which means these proteins can be recovered and reused for various purposes.

Welss and his team has peeled the egg whites from the yolks and soaked in a chemical known as urea to dissolve them.

Later the dissolved egg whites were put in a device known as a vortex fluid machine which helps to spin the white in a high speed to restore it in its original condition.

This process gets done in minutes, as surprising as it may sound. This is great news for those who use similar proteins in the research of cancer, as explained by Welss

A particular amount of proteins are of use in the lab but they seem to mis-fold in the wrong configuration and therefore most of them becomes of no use. The new technique discovered is a rapid and easy way of coaxing them back to their original form and avert them from cluster up inside lab equipments.

Welss has also said that they are already applying this for their cancer research and hopes that this method will be used on a much bigger scale in the upcoming years to come.

A surprising new trick to un-boil an egg

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