Draconids 2019

2019 Meteor Showers

2019 Meteor Showers: Shooting stars brighten California sky from Sacramento to San Diego

2019 Meteor Showers: Many residents living across California from Sacramento to San Diego have reported having seen shooting stars lighting the sky. It is in accordance to the American Meteor Society confirmation that October 8th, Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, the Draconoids will peak. The stargazers were for a treat with stunning shooting stars, also known as Giacobinids peaking as usual in the first week of October, which will continue for four more days. Also, 2019 Meteor Showers on the arrival of bigger Orionid later this month. Social media buzzes with Meteor Showers in California On October 7th, social media were filled with pictures of many shooting stars resembling meteors. They were seen across California, including places like Sacramento, Lynwood, and San Diego. Along the Oceanside, there was also a picture of a glowing fireball shooting across the sky. What are Draconid meteor showers? When the planet earth passes through the Comet 21 P/Glacobini-Zinner’s tail, the Draconid meteor shower of the shooting star shower starts in October. It will […]