Adobe Premiere Rush. Image Credit - Samsung YouTube
Samsung announced that working with Adobe to bring an optimized version of Premiere Rush to the lineup. Adobe Premiere Rush is a mobile version of the popular video editi
First mobile to record 4K videos in HDR10 +, the Galaxy S10 deserved to benefit from a video editing software to measure. Adobe has taken on the task and unveiled during the Keynote a customized version of its software Adobe Premiere Rush, a tool intended primarily for YouTubers and bloggers. 
Editing, calibration and color correction (ideal for the S10 screen 100% true to the color scheme), adding titles, sound management, animations between sequences, storage in the cloud, it lacks nothing, not even obviously a Quick sharing feature on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). And of course, all operations are done with the fingertips, with ergonomics simplified to a maximum.
On mobile, the app was until now only available on iOS (App Store). Samsung hits a big blow by offering a version of the software adapted to the recording performance of its S10, and this before all other Android competitors.