Apple Shares Gone High Ahead Of Its iPhone 6 Releases

Apple Shares Gone High Ahead Of Its iPhone 6 Releases

For their previously schedule of launching its iPhone 6 model which will be in the market from next month tech giant Apple is already getting its positive impact on the market.

And for this reason the share price of Apple have touched its highest level at the stock market on Tuesday followed by its news of launching their latest model handset.

Since Apple adjusted its price for 7 for 1 stock split back in June this was the highest ever price for the company at the stock market as Apple shares ended on $100.53 which is 1.4 percent up on Tuesday.

Previously their highest traded price at the stock market was $100.30 which was traded back in September 19, 2012 which was before its iPhone5 model launch as this time the tech giant again saw its highest trading at the stock market for their new model launch.

However after its highest share price reached back in 2012 it also fell quickly as it was assumed that the current CEO Tim Cook will be unable to bring the magic to the firm as their previous co-founder Steve Job did for the company who eventually died after serious health issues.

The latest iPhone 6 is expected to generate half of its total revenue while the world market is also waiting for its launching of two other devices iWatch and iPad which is also getting tough competitions from its rivals.

The latest two iPhone6 models are featuring 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches display and expected to release at the market in September this year while it was learnt that Apple is going to release only one of its model as they are planning to release the other one later.

Apple Shares Gone High Ahead Of Its iPhone 6 Releases