Click And Collect Deal From eBay And Argos

Click And Collect Deal From eBay And Argos

The online shopping website eBay and Argos have made an agreement where the goods which bought from eBay can be collected from the Argos stores which will start from September.

The popular shopping website eBay is the World s third largest shopping website where in UK it is the second largest.

Earlier both the companies have tested through their 150 stores which was a big hit among the customers and later it has been expanded to 650 stores out of their 730 stores all over.

The Click and Collect has become a major success for Argos where their major sale in mobile device and their venture with eBay will surely made them a tough competitor to their rivals Amazon.

The customers will collect their products which they buy from the website can get the delivery from the Argos store which is less costly than the home delivery may encourage the customers.

According to the eBay s UK vice president Tanya Lawler, It s a service being rapidly adopted by larger retailers, and this partnership with Argos now gives tens of thousands of sellers the chance to capitalise on click-and-collect - even if they have no high street presence of their own.

Argos is expecting to get 80,000 merchants on their stores by the end of this year while initially it is expecting to achieve 65,000 eBay customers while according to eBay they have over 190,000 registered businesses on their site.

The Click and Collect scheme the customers will receive a message from the company for their delivery and check out option.

However both eBay and Argos did not wanted to disclose the partnership details financially where both parties are willing to expand their business by the newest deal.

Click And Collect Deal From eBay And Argos

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