Gift Return Will Add Credit To Your Google Store Account
A Customer gets a Google Store credit to his account for the purchase price and not cash. Notably, the credit is nontransferrable and also the credit will not expire.

At times, most of us receive useless or unwanted gifts. What will you do with it? You will just keep it aside for future use or give it to someone else. Here is a new announcement made by Google that allows customers to return gifts if they were purchased in Google Store, the hardware retailer operated by Google that also received 2016 Webby Award.

In return, the customer gets a Google Store credit to his/her account for the purchase price and not cash as someone expects. Notably, the credit is non-transferrable and also it does not expire. With the credit, the customer can make a useful purchase. This is a great news for Google Store account holders who don’t want to use the received gift. However, there are some terms and conditions that the customer has to notice in returning a gift.

1) A Customer has to get the order number and ZIP code from the gifter so that he/she would come to know that you are returning his/her present.

2) Then, go to the Gift returns page on and sign into your account. After entering the necessary details, when the order number is entered, it will list you the items you have ordered and you need to select the correct one for returning.

3) Gift return facility is available now in the United States and there are no signs of implementing in other countries as of now. May be it can be taken as a trail before the worldwide launch.