Instagram adds User-friendly Personalized Emoji feature in the New Update
Instagram has added a new feature in their new update which consists of a feature with frequently used emojis above the keyboard to ensure an easy commenting process...

Instagram has become a widely used platform among social media after Twitter in terms of the frequency of users being online in the platform. It mainly got a majornumber of users after the apps like Dubsmash, Musically emerged as a sensation among the mobile users and the platform helps the users share and get a fame through their works.

The new addition by the Instagram is that the social media platform has added a feature that consists of the frequently used emoji above the keypad of the mobile appearing when the user initiates a comment process. This feature arises only in this specific application and doesnt bother in any other apps involving the keyboard process.

The feature is brought to make the work of the users easier, as commenting is the most used option on Instagram. It reduces the time of the user to spend while posting a comment by providing an emoji tab on the screen to make a user-friendly interface for the account holders of the platform. While the feature is been under testing for the past months it is now enabled in the new update of the app in Android and iOS.