Microsoft Planning For Huge Job Cuts

Microsoft Planning For Huge Job Cuts

After facing some serious competitions from rivals Apple and Google, tech giant Microsoft is planning to cut down their employees in huge number which will be the first time since the last five years for the company.

According to the sources the job cut down will go beyond the 2009 job cuts by the company where Microsoft have decreased 5,800 employees that time while this time the reason behind the job cuts is their new association with Nokia and Microsoft is looking forward to cut short their employees from marketing and engineering departments.

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella have issued a note for the employees recently where he informed that the company needs to be more tight along with looking forward to give more importance on their mobile device sector as he also indicated that Microsoft is going to change its culture.

The CEO of Microsoft who has a huge experience beside his name where he joined as the CEO of the company earlier this year and promised to move forward with the company.

Microsoft is highly known for the owner of the company Bill Gates where the CEO was not very familiar to many of them as he led a very low profile.

Microsoft have gained their profit much more than it was expected where the net profit goes past $5.7bn after the high demand of Office programmes which are mainly subscription based.

Though the job cuts was expected after Microsoft takeover the mobile handset company Nokia where they also promised that they will be saving their costs and also change the industry.

Microsoft Planning For Huge Job Cuts

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