Moshi Monsters Boss Steps Down

Moshi Monsters Boss Steps Down

The children's famous social networking site Moshi Monsters boss Michael Acton Smith is going to step down from his post.

The Mind Candy boss is looking forward to focus on more creative role and not willing to run the company on a daily basis after successfully handled the company for the last ten years.

The current chief operating and financial Officer Diviana Knowles is going to become the next president of the firm while the company will also appoint a new CEO later informed by the company.

The website is highly famous among the children where Moshi Monsters has around 80 million users on their site.

Moshi Monsters is a paid subscription website however the firm is also related merchandising music albums, plush toys and other stuffs which helps the Mind Candy's revenue almost half of the company.

However according to the analyst Moshi Monsters has been lacking to make an impact on the mobile games market especially on the freemium business where it gives their customers free products though it can take small payments through the apps.

Though Moshi Monsters have launched products like mobile games and freemium service but they needs to buckle up and improve their firm stand on the market.

Ms Knowles who will become the next president of the company said, Moshi has been absolutely amazing. But Mind Candy has gone from being a one-product company to multiple products. The business now is much more complex than it used to be.

Michael is known as 'Mr Moshi'. It's now about taking us more to being Mind Candy. Moshi was great in the UK but never really smashed it out of the park in the US, she added.

Moshi Monsters Boss Steps Down

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