World First Foldable Smartphone To Be Released By Huawei Ahead Of Samsung And Apple
World First Foldable Smartphone shall be released by Huawei in November 2018 ahead Of Samsung and Apple. Huawei has partnered with BOE technologies that manufactures OLED

Shenzhen based Huawei Technologies is working to bring in a foldable smartphone in the mobile market for the first time within this year in November ahead of Samsung and Apple that has been patenting foldable smartphones. 

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics that has planned to release the Samsung Galaxy X as foldable one in the first quarter of 2019 at the February’s Mobile World Congress for which it has to start its production in the last quarter of 2018. 

Galaxy X will likely feature three 3.5-inch OLED panels, two of them can form 7-inch screen when unfolded. Also, Samsung seems to try for bezel-less screens and under-display fingerprint sensors. However, the news is not yet confirmed officially. 

According to the recent updates, Huawei has partnered with the China-based panel maker BOE Technology which is well-known for making LCD panels and flexible OLED panels. The panel is expected to be 8-inch foldable. In the recently held Weekly Expo, BOE disclosed two foldable displays, one is a 6-inch phone and the other is a 7.56-inch tablet. 

In a press release, BOE said that the foldable WQHD AMOLED display model can bend with a radius of just 1 mm. Recent reports revealed that BOE Technology has received orders to develop four prototypes for two smartphone makers and also Huawei has not revealed its plans for the new release of foldable smartphone.