Toddler dies due to E.Coli after visiting the Maine County Fair

Toddler dies due to E.Coli after visiting the Maine County Fair

A family in Maine is distraught after their toddler child died from the deadly E.Coli virus that he contracted at a local county fair. Colton Guay was only 20 months old when he died on Monday after he had visited a petting zoo at the Oxford County Fair. The child was infected with the deadly E.Coli virus at the petting zoo.

While certain strains of E.Coli are indeed harmless, others can be deadly and lead to severe conditions like kidney failure and anemia. The Guays stated that Colton died due to HUS, Hemolytic uremic syndrome which is a condition resulting from abnormal destruction of the red blood cells.

The filtering system of the kidney gets compromised when HUS damages the red blood cells leading to the failure of the organ, says Mayo Clinic. The NIH, also stated that children are more susceptible to HUS and is among the more common causes of kidney failure in young children.

While the state health commission is yet to confirm a link between the boy s death and the fair, Colton and another toddler who contracted this disease in Maine had gone to the same petting zoo.

Colton s father Jon Guay said via Facebook that Beth, his wife and himself had accompanied their child to the hospital after he had suffered severe diarrhea followed by massive brain seizures leading to his eventual death. He added further that the illness of their son also followed the news that another girl child to be christened as Ainsley was expected in February next year.

Jon Guay also wrote that he had learned that losing the life of one s child is the worst among all pains. He said he was relieved now to know that his son has reached a better place that is free from further suffering and pain.

On Wednesday, the awareness level at the Fryeburg Fair was heightened even as children were coming into contact with goats at the petting zoo there. In many places, one could see hand sanitizers hanging along with signs posted carrying a warning to parents on the importance of washing the hands of the kids after they leave the petting zoo.

Consequent to the sad incident, veterinarians at the fair explained that, in the petting zoo, children come into contact with manure from animals shedding the organism. This cannot be predicted, and the children put their contaminated fingers in the mouth or eat some food without washing their hands, and this is the main cause for the virus entering the body of the kids says Dr. Mark Anderson.

Toddler dies due to E.Coli after visiting the Maine County Fair

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