UCLA: Victims want to sue the medical instrument makers believed to be responsible for ‘Superbug’ outbreak

UCLA: Victims want to sue the medical instrument makers believed to be responsible for ‘Superbug’ outbreak

Victims of the latest Superbug outbreak from UCLA hospital want to sue the manufacturer of the medical instrument which is responsible for the outbreak. The instrument was described as hard to clean by health officials.

On the other hand hospitals across USA are trying to figure out a way where they can keep using the same instrument but want to avoid an outbreak like UCLA where 179 people are reported to be affected by the Superbug.

In an interview with NBC one of the 18-years old victim s Attorney Kevin Boyle said, We are planning litigation against the manufacturer, Olympus. We're still investigating any potential fault by UCLA . He then added, It's just a terrifying thing. There were so many people exposed both at UCLA and potentially around the country. We hope we can help put a stop to this. If this can happen at one of the world's leading hospitals, UCLA Ronald Reagan, it can happen anywhere .

According to the hospital officials the instrument was manufactured by Olympus Corp. of the Americas and used on 200 procedures in the UCLA between October and January. But the Federal health officials had refused to take the device off the market as they argued that it will do more harm to public health. They said this device offers so many life-saving treatments, which cannot be performed if they pulled the device from the market. But in statement FDA said, Some parts of the scopes may be extremely difficult to access and effective cleaning of all areas of the duodenoscopy may not be possible,

According to health experts there are not that many options available in the market to replace the device. According to the experts the device is heat sensitive so it cannot be cleaned like other medical instruments. The device has to be cleaned by gas or liquid. But the gas used for cleaning these kind of instrument is highly toxic, which can be dangerous for employee and patient. It was said that many hospitals chose the option to clean the device outside the facilities which is time consuming and expensive.

It was also reported that after the outbreak UCLA has made a move to clean their instruments with gas sterilization. In a statement on Thursday Dr. David Feinberg, president of the UCLA Health System said, I think our procedures today would make us the safest place to come to have one of these life-saving interventions .

In another statement Dr. Benjamin Schwartz, Deputy Chief of the Acute Communicable Disease Control Program at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said, UCLA followed the recommended procedures for cleaning the scopes, and the health department found no breaks and no breaches in its practices .

UCLA: Victims want to sue the medical instrument makers believed to be responsible for ‘Superbug’ outbreak

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