What happens if the super rich chose rocket ships to flee the earth they destroy?

What happens if the super rich chose rocket ships to flee the earth they destroy?

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has become the latest among tech billionaires to invest his money on spaceships. The newest rocket from Blue Origin s, his space travel company debuted on Tuesday. Now, for people who are intent on cruising the galaxy have an option between the new sleek rocket and a stubbier model that Bezos has announced in April. Or, they can also opt for a ride on SpaceX ship from Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. The list of options presently ends only with Virgin Galactic from Richard Branson.

Going by the current trend, space travelers are likely to be flooded with options in choosing the tech company. Perhaps they may even find the richest guy owning the company and buy a ticket on his choicest craft. But, let us think of it this way, why is it that everyone who has achieved economic dominance over this planet turning around immediately and trying to desert it.

The obvious explanation, however, is the boys and their toys having bought all those boats and cars and planes that you fancied, why not go for a rocket now (If you thought why there is no girls and their toys sorry we don t have the ethos yet since the cards are not stacked in favor of women reaching those dizzy levels of obscene wealth, but then a lot of us may be wanting to buy rocketships, isn t it).

Inherently space is cool and even if it is not so, inherently space is the other and that could matter a lot to the person who has acquired everything terrestrial. Using the same analogy, for someone who already owns a watch costing several thousand dollars buying another watch costing several thousand dollars more won t matter because that watch comes from space.

The affluent tech entrepreneurs are buying these rockets, not just for their personal amusement. Instead, their investment in space travel is aimed at getting all those with money and tons of it, off the planet.

Travel horizons for the rich expand and the price is born by the rich and poor. Barring perhaps the weirdly expensive Amtrak, luxury and cost scale with the consumption of fossil fuels. Travel that is expensive and gives a more indulgent feel is also travel that leaves behind a cataclysmic effect on our environment. The environmental footprint perhaps rises in direct proportion to your ability to travel faster and further. And, those who are left behind, those who cannot travel as much and as frequently will hold the bag filled with pollution and toxic chemicals.

What happens if the super rich chose rocket ships to flee the earth they destroy?

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