Hakone Ekiden Relay race 2019
the most traditional way of Japanese new year celebration is Hakone Ekiden which starts today morning and going to end tomorrow evening, The article contains the details.
Hakone Ekiden, the famous Japanese tradition of New Year Day starts today and will continue tomorrow also. This is 95th Tokyo Hakone round relay race trip. 
Hakone Ekiden is introduced in Korea initially and the tradition starts followed by Japanese also latter. In spite of age difference and ender, many Japanese are so eager to participate in the competition. It was most popular among elder and middle age people as its a challenge for their fitness and talent. The running population in last year was about 500 and hope this year will increase the rate. 
The speed at which a player run is approximately 20 kilometers per hour. The starting point is from Otemachi then Tsurumi – Totsuka – Hiratsuka – Odawara – Hakone town Lake Ashi parking entrance (goal) and the return is on January 3, 2019 Entrance to the Ashinoko parking lot in Hakone-machi (start) – Odawara – Hiratsuka – Totsuka – Tsurumi – Otemachi (goal).
To make it popular many Japanese media broadcasting live on TV nationwide from the morning and it shows the crowds and participates along the way from Tokyo to Hakone. A special theme and album, “Lost Man” from the Bump of Chicken telecasting throughout the relay race.
Some of the rules and regulation posted from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department like “Please do not go out by car because of the Ekiden Course and the surrounding road are crowded,Parking on the Ekiden Course is prohibited, the regulation time may be extended or shortened depending on the situation of the competition,please use public transport for cheering.”