Samurai Sword and Wolverine Claws used for Hair Cutting
Watch the video of a barber from Spain cutting and chopping hair of women with Samurai Sword and Wolverine Claws which looks cool and spread across the social media...
A video is being virally spread across social platforms, which shows a hairdresser cutting women hair using sword and claws. The saloon in Spain is famous in recent times among women after knowing this method of cutting hair.
It quite cranked up the excitement of people to get a haircut in this different method. The Barber Alberto Olmedo from Madrid, Spain is using this attractive technique to cut the hair using an ancient samurai sword. 
He is seen using two swords holding in each hand to make sure he cuts both sides evenly and also uses the Wolverine-like claws to chop off the hair at the end. Women are curious to have a haircut at Alberto’s Salon while this video was taken by one the customer’s friend in the shop. Watch the full video shared below to see how Alberto Olmedo makes it look magical with his techniques.