Fire broke at a Hotel in China: Reports says 18 Killed in the ablaze
A fire broke in a hotel in the city of Harbin in China that killed 18 people reportedly while rescue works are carried out, Further information about the incident awaited

A hotel in China reportedly started burning after a fire broke early on Saturday morning. The hotel Hot Springs in the City of Harbin is the place where the incident took place and the local media reported about the incident earlier today. Local media reported that 18 people were killed in the fire so far.

The city of Harbin which is the capital of Heilongjiang province is located in the Northeastern part of China and the Hotel is said to be one of the places where people gather often in that area. The reason for the fire is still unknown that is to be found out and the rescue operations are underway and firefighters are working to bring things under control.

Further investigations are to be carried out to find the exact reason for the cause of sudden breakage of fire in the Hotel. As per early reports, 18 people are killed and exact reports of the ground situation are awaited.