Japan hit by 6.7 magnitude Earthquake: Search for Survivors in Hokkaido Underway
Heavy Earthquake hit Hokkaido Island of Japan after the disastrous Jebi Typhoon occurred in previous days, Death toll is increasing and power has been cut in most of area

The Island of Hokkaido in Japan was hit by a heavy earthquake on Thursday which caused landfalls and casualties in the region. The tremors were strong enough to make landslides and destruction of buildings while the magnitude of the quake is measured to be 6.7 as reported by the Meteorological Agency.

There werealmost 90 aftershocks felt in the region from the starting of the quakes while its been 24 hours since the tremors are approaching the Island, search for the survivors are carried on continuously and more than 10 people are expected to have died so far as per reports.

Around 25 people were majorly injured and more than 50 people suffer from minor injuries of the earthquakes and millions of people spent in the evacuation centres on the streets while many homes were destroyed in the landfalls at Hokkaido region.

The first quake is said to have hit around 3 AM on Thursday and the shakes are felt back to back causing trouble to the people. The Earthquake is said to be approaching till this weekend and people were advised to stay safe at evacuation centres and safe areas.

Due to the Knock-on effects, the power plants in Hokkaido dropped the electric grids causing power cuts in most of the areas of the Island. The Restart of the power has been initiated, it may take a week to restore the power in major areas of the Island.

The rescue mission is carried out from the beginning and is underway to find the survivors of the earthquake affected areas and evacuate to a safe place. The death toll is increasing each passing hour while the rescuers are entering various areas and searching for the missing people reportedly.