Typhoon Jebi Hits Japan
Typhoon Jebi is causing heavy trouble for the Japan which is facing a biggest such occurrence sine 1961 including landfalls, Evacuation advisories are issued by the govt

Japan is facing heavy Typhoon for the past 24 hours while the situation in the nation is getting worse for each passing minute due to landslides and strong winds blowing at the various parts of Japan. West Coast of Japan saw huge landfalls in the region resulting in the destruction of buildings according to reports.

The Jebi Typhoon is said to be the strongest Typhoon in the past 25 years as said earlier and now the condition looks like it is first such occurrence of this extent since 1961 as reported by a local television. The winds are getting stronger as 2591-tonne tanker is blown away crashing into a bridge of Kansai Airport.

Shikoku Island and the Island of Honshu undergone faced heavy storms in the past hours causing landfalls in the western parts of the island. The wind speed was reportedly recorded as 134 mph. The rainfall is measured to be 100 mm as of now in Kyoto while it is expected to peak to 500 mm by Wednesday.

People were advised to evacuate from the areas with danger alert to a safe place until further improvements. Most of the flights are cancelled due to the natural calamity which is said to be continued for next few days. People is twitter are posting various videos showing the buildings and trucks getting blown away by the monstrous winds expressing their sympathy for the current situation.