Your genes linked to PTSD? Research from San Diego University says Yes!

Your genes linked to PTSD? Research from San Diego University says Yes!

A research on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in University of California-San Diego has thrown light on the connection between PTSD and people being pre-disposed to it genetically. It has identified the group of genes that controls the body s response to extreme trauma and stress.

PTSD is a very debilitating mental health condition that affects people who have been exposed to severe trauma. It includes symptoms such as, being repeatedly reminded of the traumatic event, insomnia, increased anxiety, difficulty in feeling emotional pain, even physical symptoms such as racing heartbeat and sweating.

A detailed genomic research was done using blood samples from 188 US Marines, before and after actual combat deployment. This enabled the researchers to identify the genes that control innate immune system and interferon signaling linked to PTSD.

What s interesting is that molecular signatures of innate immunity and interferon signaling were identified both after developing PTSD as well as before developing PTSD says lead researcher Dr. Dewleen G. Baker, of the Veteran Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, CA, and the University of California-San Diego. According to him, there are many factors that could trigger interferon release, ranging from a simple explanation of increased anticipatory stress prior to deployment or more complex scenarios where individuals may have a higher viral load. It's a question for future studies .

Co-senior author Christopher H. Woelk, PhD, of the University of Southampton and University of California-San Diego, considers that because the causal (pre-deployment) and consequential (post-deployment) discoveries were identified due to blood samples, the results show that people predisposed to PTSD can be identified through high-throughput profiling of molecular data .

This path breaking research has very important implications for treatment of PTSD symptoms. The results could help in development of new diagnostic methods which can prevent this condition from appearing and therapies that can help patients heal and regain their normal lives.

Your genes linked to PTSD? Research from San Diego University says Yes!

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