About Us

The MicroCap Observer is one of the developing news websites. Literally at a rapid speed. MicroCap Observer was initially started by a few freelancers in the November 2014. Now it is one of the leading instant news deliverers of the digital nation with a wide coverage range. The few freelancers of the MicroCap Observer initially made their contribution in a local publication. Within few days the small freelancing team just stepped out and got extended with some ground reporters, few editorial backups, and techies, as an interest to show up the real face of the news in the right form to the readers.

The team decided to perform a role of a real news agency and the efforts of the team flagged up by its readers within a short period. The enthusiastic boost up from its readers encouraged them again to make their perimeter of even bigger. Soon the team started to collect day to day incidents that staged up in every corner of the world with its reporters, as much as possible. Now the MicroCap Observer making their presence in political updates, sports news, business updates, tech news, world news and some additional cover-ups. 

The main MOTO of the team is to deliver the right news at the right time.
To maintain the middle position in every hard situation and to keep its readers updated, whatever the obstacle is. The MicroCap Observer always vows its readers to fill their pockets with right news as described above and the team believes that it keeping its vows since now.

The team never regret responding to any queries and comments from its readers, either it is positive or negative. The MicroCap Observer always welcome the ideas and wishes from its readers. More than that the MicroCap Observer always roll out their red carpet for the fresh minded and enthusiastic "writers and reporters" to add them to their team.