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Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products: Breast cancer mortality rate is high both in developed and developing countries. Honoring the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, nearly 12000 doctors, along with a non-profit, recommend the Food and Drug Administration to affix the warning label on the cheese products stating, “Diary Cheese contains hormones that may increase breast cancer “. The demand for breast cancer warning labels has been submitted to the FDA at the beginning of breast cancer awareness programme month on 3rd, October, 2019. High-fat dairy products pose an increased risk of breast cancer mortality in women all over the world. The Estrogen hormone present in the dairy product such as milk, cheese is biologically active with more concentration; Dairy, when consumed at a higher rate, causes breast cancer mortality risk. This urged the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine with many doctors to demand the FDA to promote cheese products with a carcinogenic warning label. There are many study relations focusing on Dairy and […]

EEE virus by mosquitoes

EEE Virus: Northeastern towns in the US have tested positive

EEE Virus: Northeastern towns of division 1 of the US reported positive for life-threatening the EEE virus. Mosquitoes carry eastern equine encephalitis life-threatening viruses. Hence many northeastern towns are warned to be safe from mosquito’s bites. In Connecticut alone, three of the four confirmed cases were reported dead. Though our immune system could kill the infection, one in twenty cases develops brain infection called Encephalitis, and the odds of survival are slim. It is because it kills about a third of those affected, and the surviving others suffer from lifelong neurological damage. EEE virus spreads from birds to humans by mosquitoes Philip Armstrong, director of Mosquito Surveillance Program at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, confirms that EEE is a mosquito-borne virus. Though it is a rare disease, this year, it is affecting the people like it never did in the past 50 years. He said that their team found vast numbers of a specific kind of mosquitoes that feed on birds. But, when they feed on the migratory birds with […]

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases increased in US, It’s time to be safe

It’s time to be safe in the US with the rates of the Sexually transmitted diseases peaking to 1991 highs: A recent report by the US’s CDC confirms a 40 % increase in congenital Syphilis and historical rates of Chlamydia & worst rates of gonorrhea and Syphilis since the last nearly 30 years from 1991. Federal health officials raised red flags of an Sexually transmitted diseases epidemic gripping the nation with a sharp rise in STD rates. When compared to year on year basis, which is 17 %, 5%, and 3 % higher for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia from 2017 to 2018. If the STD affected patients are untreated, the Fed officials are worried that the problem can get worse with STD leading to cancer, infertility, and pelvic inflammatory diseases. CDC 2018 report on Sexually transmitted diseases: Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention center’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, said that the Americans are sliding backward. Also, he confirmed that the system to identify, treat, […]

Just one or two a day safe smoking cigarettes is not going to save your lungs anymore

Just one or two a day safe smoking cigarettes is not going to save your lungs anymore

Safe smoking ceases to exist with the new finding of a study by Columbia University : Similar to a safe speed, there is no safe smoking anymore. Just one or two a day excuse for smoking cigarettes is not going to save your lungs anymore. It is the new finding of a study published recently in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal. The effect of safe smoking five cigarettes has the same impact on the lungs as that of smoking 30 cigarettes. It is the finding of the study conducted by the researchers of Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. Similar to a safe speed, There is nothing called as safe smoking anymore and still Damages Your Lungs What the health professionals have been saying so long of there is nothing true with safe smoking, now becomes true. The US research of 25,352 participants from the age of 17 to 93 years constituting a mix of smokers, ex-smokers, and never smokers confirmed it. All were made to take the […]

Home cooked food

Home-cooked food is best rather than dangerous fast food, confirms US research

Home-cooked food is best rather than dangerous fast food, confirms US research: If fast food is dangerous to health, its packaging material is also harmful. The new research published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal by researchers of Silent Spring Institute in Massachusetts, US confirms it. PFAS or Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances contained in the non-stick and stain-resistant packing materials increase the exposure of fluorinated chemicals to those who eat food packed form them. Also, their high resistance to degradation will make them accumulate in the human body. It may cause many diseases like cancer, thyroid disorders, lowered fertility, hormonal changes, and weight gain. Hence it is high time to switch back to home food from eating fast food. Research on Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances Researcher Herbert Sushmann and his colleagues at Silent Spring Insitute in Massaches, US, researched decade-old data from NHANES or National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. It was the data used by the CDC or the central disease control and prevention, which is leading national public […]

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-Plos One Study

Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Depression in Adults-PlosOne Study: Food intake and depression are uncontrollable in the present generation adults. Francis and co-workers have analyzed a study focusing on the food and depression factor among young adults in Australia Macquarie University. The study published a significant improvement in the depression range concerning diet factor in young adults in PLOS ONE journal. Always there is a myth of healthy life in consuming healthy greens, fruits, and vegetables compared to the intake of processed foods, a high-fat diet by the nutritionists and doctors. The nutrients present in the Mediterranean diet foods like Blueberry, Beans, Almonds, Egg, Broccoli, Nuts, Olive Oil, Grains, etc., intake reduces the health risk; Many studies are revealing the diet and depression. But only a few studies come with the clinical trial. Francis Study and Trial Result: Francis in Australia studied the association between diet and depression. Francis and Co-workers practically examined the study with young adults facing high depression with unhealthy diet patterns. Several studies proved that […]

Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston

Costly customized treatment saves 6-year-old Mila Makovec from fatal brain disease in Boston

Mila Makovec recovered from fatal brain disease: The New England Journal of Medicine published on 9th October a new report on personalized medicine, which could bring life to more than 1.4 child patients. It is about the tailor-made genetic treatment given to six-year ole Mila suffering from Batten disease. It is an orphan neurological disease that causes shrinking of the brain and could kill the children in their late childhood or during their early teens. This new report paves the way for more customized treatments for children with fatal brain diseases. Mila Miracle Foundation: Mila Makovec’s mother, Julia Viaterell, wrote how healthy she was in her Mila’s Miracle Foundation website. But everything started to change for Mila Makovec from her age of 3. By the time it was found that she had Battan disease, she was unable to see and to walk without help. But with her mother, Julia and Dr. Timothy Yu of the Boston Children’s hospital developed tailor-made treatment within a year. After injecting the medicine via the […]