Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida

Immunotherapy Trial Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida.

Immunotherapy Trial Vaccine led no mass of Breast Cancer in Florida: Jacksonville, Florida: Cancer ailments and therapies never been positive in the long run with mortality leaps day-by-day. Carcinogenic symptoms and post-ailment risks are severe for the victims. Radiation and chemotherapy are common treatments in practice to reduce cancer cells. However, therapeutic side effects make the condition worse in patients. The immunotherapy trial vaccine therapy helps to kill the cancer cells directly without harming the healthy cells. Immunotherapy shot produced from the victim’s blood and made to counteract in the patient’s body. Immunotherapy gave birth to its first cure in the women affected by breast cancer in Florida. Mayo Clinic in Florida diagnosed Lee Mercker with stage zero breast cancer. Jacksonville’s Mayo clinic tests a new immunovaccine through clinical trials. Lee Mercker shocked after diagnosis and left with three types of therapy, such as lumpectomy(removal of cancer cells ), mastectomy(removal of breasts) or Mayo clinic’s trial vaccine from Dr.Saranya Chumsri. The therapists tell Mercker that vaccines will help the body […]

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy, Boston University of Medicine.

Progressive Osteoarthritis amidst Corticosteroids Therapy, Boston University of Medicine. The treatment for any disease is to reduce the defect or pain for the patients. But what can we do when the therapy itself causes an add-on to illness. Of course, therapy opens the door for the progression of the disease treated. Osteoarthritis is a joint impairment that occurs when the soft tissue cushion under the bones breaks down. It befalls, especially in sportspersons frequently. The common therapy for osteoarthritis is injecting corticosteroid in the hip or knees to lessen the severe ache in the joints. Symptoms of Osteoarthritis include pain, inflammation, inactiveness in the joints, lack flexibility, cartilage dislocation. The cartilage is the soft rubber-like tissue under the bones protecting the joints of the hips, knees, elbows, and hands. A study published by Dr.Ali Guermazi, Radiology Professor at the Boston University of Medicine, states, “The corticosteroid shots in the hips and knees for joint pain are not safe” in his paper in Radiology journal. The shots of cortisone jabbed in […]

Venus May Not Have Been As Earthlike

Earth’s evil twin Venus is full of hot lava instead of liquid water confirmed by a study

Earth’s evil twin Venus is full of hot lava instead of liquid water confirmed by a study. A study by Allan Treiman published in the journal of Geophysical Research reverses last month’s hope by NASA of Venus to allow liquid water. The new research confirms that Venus is full of lava at temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit or 370 degrees Celsius. With this new study, the possibility of habitation in Venus has vanished. NASA under fire recently about habitation in other planets With noble laureate, Michel Mayor recently criticizing habitation in other planets as crazy, and this new study is making its research on Venus negative. In September, NASA researchers released simulations of several scenarios that made it possible for second solar planet Venus to allow liquid water to exist at its surface for millions of years. The said research was presented at the European Planetary Science Congress held in September 2019. They also found that the high altitude region of Ovda Fluctus is continuous with the lower […]

Michel Mayor The Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

The fantasy of living in another planet other than earth is crazy, says Noble laureate

The fantasy of living in another planet other than earth is crazy, says Noble laureate. Michel Mayor, one out of three to win this year’s 2019 noble prize, said it is completely crazy to have a fantasy of living in another planet. Since even the closest world to earth is a few dozen light-years away and will take hundreds of millions of days to reach there with the means available now. He also stressed mother earth is still much beauty, and taking care of it should be the priority. Michel Mayor – winner of noble prize winner 2019 After receiving the noble prize last week for 2019, Swiss Astrophysicist Mayor said that humans would never leave earth’s solar system. Mayor, along with his student Didier Queloz and Canadian-American astrophysicist James Peebles won 2019 noble prize for physics. He is a professor at the University of Geneva’s Department of Astronomy. In 1995, Mayor and his co-recipient and student Queloz discovered the first extrasolar planet called 51 Pegasi. Only after its confirmation […]

Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products

Doctors Recommend FDA To Add Breast Cancer Warning Label On Cheese Products: Breast cancer mortality rate is high both in developed and developing countries. Honoring the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, nearly 12000 doctors, along with a non-profit, recommend the Food and Drug Administration to affix the warning label on the cheese products stating, “Diary Cheese contains hormones that may increase breast cancer “. The demand for breast cancer warning labels has been submitted to the FDA at the beginning of breast cancer awareness programme month on 3rd, October, 2019. High-fat dairy products pose an increased risk of breast cancer mortality in women all over the world. The Estrogen hormone present in the dairy product such as milk, cheese is biologically active with more concentration; Dairy, when consumed at a higher rate, causes breast cancer mortality risk. This urged the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine with many doctors to demand the FDA to promote cheese products with a carcinogenic warning label. There are many study relations focusing on Dairy and […]

Dolittle 2019 Trailer and Poster

Dolittle trailer crossed 30 million views and still counting.

Dolittle trailer crossed 30 million views and still counting worldwide. Dolittle trailer released on 13th raises expectations for its release on 17th January 2020. Dolittle trailer released yesterday 13th October excites everyone to wait eagerly for 17th January for its worldwide release. The release date postponed from 24th May 2019 to January 2020 is to provide double enjoyment for Robert Downey fans worldwide with his other big release Avengers Endgame in May. The transformation of the Iron man to being not the people person of Robert Downey will be exciting to watch on the big screen early next year. Dolittle history Precisely after a century from the release of the Dolittle children’s book in 1920 by Hugh Lofting, Dolittle is to be released on 17th January 2020. The book Voyage of Doctor Dolittle was initially filmed in 1967 as a musical movie under the same name. Again, in 1998, the Dolittle series kick-started with Eddie Murphy playing Dr. Dolittle. His slapstick banter with animals was a runaway hit, and for […]

Robert Forster is No More

Robert Forster is No More!!!

Robert Wallace Forster, a 78 years old Hollywood actor has died after battling with Brain cancer. The New York, born Legendary actor was an Arts graduate from The University of Rochester, in the department of History and also a member of ‘Triple Nine Society’. Robert Forster, started off his acting Carrier with stage acts like ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ before entering into the cinematic field. Soon after graduation, he has been casted in a lead role on a film known as “Mrs. Dally Has a Lover” released by Broadway Productions. In the Early days of his life, Robert Forster worked as an Elephant Trainer in Barnum & Bailey Circus and as an Executive in a Manufacturing Company. His remarkable work from a movie called “Jackie Brown”, which was directed by the famous director Quentin Tarantino, has been nominated for Oscars in the year 1997, as the best supporting actor for his stellar performance alongside Samuel L Jackson and Pam Grier. Robert got massive audience attention in his debut film ‘Reflections in […]

EEE virus by mosquitoes

EEE Virus: Northeastern towns in the US have tested positive

EEE Virus: Northeastern towns of division 1 of the US reported positive for life-threatening the EEE virus. Mosquitoes carry eastern equine encephalitis life-threatening viruses. Hence many northeastern towns are warned to be safe from mosquito’s bites. In Connecticut alone, three of the four confirmed cases were reported dead. Though our immune system could kill the infection, one in twenty cases develops brain infection called Encephalitis, and the odds of survival are slim. It is because it kills about a third of those affected, and the surviving others suffer from lifelong neurological damage. EEE virus spreads from birds to humans by mosquitoes Philip Armstrong, director of Mosquito Surveillance Program at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, confirms that EEE is a mosquito-borne virus. Though it is a rare disease, this year, it is affecting the people like it never did in the past 50 years. He said that their team found vast numbers of a specific kind of mosquitoes that feed on birds. But, when they feed on the migratory birds with […]

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases increased in US, It’s time to be safe

It’s time to be safe in the US with the rates of the Sexually transmitted diseases peaking to 1991 highs: A recent report by the US’s CDC confirms a 40 % increase in congenital Syphilis and historical rates of Chlamydia & worst rates of gonorrhea and Syphilis since the last nearly 30 years from 1991. Federal health officials raised red flags of an Sexually transmitted diseases epidemic gripping the nation with a sharp rise in STD rates. When compared to year on year basis, which is 17 %, 5%, and 3 % higher for Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia from 2017 to 2018. If the STD affected patients are untreated, the Fed officials are worried that the problem can get worse with STD leading to cancer, infertility, and pelvic inflammatory diseases. CDC 2018 report on Sexually transmitted diseases: Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention center’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, said that the Americans are sliding backward. Also, he confirmed that the system to identify, treat, […]

Watch Disney Jungle Cruise trailer

Watch Disney’s Jungle Cruise trailer and excite audiences worldwide from July 24, 2020

Jungle Cruise trailer is out now with plenty of fantasy twists and makes us believe it as a game part of Jumanji movie but its similar fun thrilled action with more fantasy. Summer 2020 is going to be fun with Disney’s Jungle Cruise release expected on July 24 2020. The irresistible Dwayne Johnson is back with what he does best in this Amazon forest river cruise. The wonders of Amazon with all its natural beauty, waterfalls, natives, animals, birds, and also the German expedition is going to be a visual treat to watch from Jungle Cruise trailer. Dwayne plays the role of a riverboat captain taking the young and beautiful scientist Emily blunt and her younger brother Jack Whitehall into the Amazon in search of the Tree of life with incredible healing powers. Disney’s long-awaited Jungle Cruise finally starts its cruise to be released on summer 2020 From 2006 there were various announcements about the development of this theme park attraction film. First, it was to be produced by Mandeville […]