Dolittle 2019 Trailer and Poster

Dolittle trailer crossed 30 million views and still counting.

Dolittle trailer crossed 30 million views and still counting worldwide. Dolittle trailer released on 13th raises expectations for its release on 17th January 2020. Dolittle trailer released yesterday 13th October excites everyone to wait eagerly for 17th January for its worldwide release. The release date postponed from 24th May 2019 to January 2020 is to provide double enjoyment for Robert Downey fans worldwide with his other big release Avengers Endgame in May. The transformation of the Iron man to being not the people person of Robert Downey will be exciting to watch on the big screen early next year. Dolittle history Precisely after a century from the release of the Dolittle children’s book in 1920 by Hugh Lofting, Dolittle is to be released on 17th January 2020. The book Voyage of Doctor Dolittle was initially filmed in 1967 as a musical movie under the same name. Again, in 1998, the Dolittle series kick-started with Eddie Murphy playing Dr. Dolittle. His slapstick banter with animals was a runaway hit, and for […]

Robert Forster is No More

Robert Forster is No More!!!

Robert Wallace Forster, a 78 years old Hollywood actor has died after battling with Brain cancer. The New York, born Legendary actor was an Arts graduate from The University of Rochester, in the department of History and also a member of ‘Triple Nine Society’. Robert Forster, started off his acting Carrier with stage acts like ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ before entering into the cinematic field. Soon after graduation, he has been casted in a lead role on a film known as “Mrs. Dally Has a Lover” released by Broadway Productions. In the Early days of his life, Robert Forster worked as an Elephant Trainer in Barnum & Bailey Circus and as an Executive in a Manufacturing Company. His remarkable work from a movie called “Jackie Brown”, which was directed by the famous director Quentin Tarantino, has been nominated for Oscars in the year 1997, as the best supporting actor for his stellar performance alongside Samuel L Jackson and Pam Grier. Robert got massive audience attention in his debut film ‘Reflections in […]

Watch Disney Jungle Cruise trailer

Watch Disney’s Jungle Cruise trailer and excite audiences worldwide from July 24, 2020

Jungle Cruise trailer is out now with plenty of fantasy twists and makes us believe it as a game part of Jumanji movie but its similar fun thrilled action with more fantasy. Summer 2020 is going to be fun with Disney’s Jungle Cruise release expected on July 24 2020. The irresistible Dwayne Johnson is back with what he does best in this Amazon forest river cruise. The wonders of Amazon with all its natural beauty, waterfalls, natives, animals, birds, and also the German expedition is going to be a visual treat to watch from Jungle Cruise trailer. Dwayne plays the role of a riverboat captain taking the young and beautiful scientist Emily blunt and her younger brother Jack Whitehall into the Amazon in search of the Tree of life with incredible healing powers. Disney’s long-awaited Jungle Cruise finally starts its cruise to be released on summer 2020 From 2006 there were various announcements about the development of this theme park attraction film. First, it was to be produced by Mandeville […]